Changing The System

--- Laura Kemp ---

I'm sure you feel it too. The world is at a juncture and we have to change the system. But what do we need to know to get ready for the future? In this podcast, journalist Laura Kemp unpacks some of the telling movements of our time. Joined by insiders and thought leaders, Changing The System explores future versus status quo, rebels versus establishment, changemakers versus the comfortable. Join the conversation to change one system at a time. Let's go!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. On Changing Mindsets

    Growing up in a Township near Cape Town in the post-apartheid era, Julia-Beth Harris absorbed everything like a sponge. Now, as a 30-something poet, artist and writer based in Amsterdam, it's time for her vision to be shared. JB's reflections on identity, race and progress are rich and ...


  2. On Scottish Independence becoming more likely than ever

    The United Kingdom is an interesting construct. Four'nations of equals' forming one state. But for how much longer? In the era of Brexit and Covid-19, the UK breaking up looks more likely than ever. Scotland especially, seems to be first in line to call for an official independence referendum. What's ...


  3. On Legalizing all Drugs

    Why is legalizing *all* drugs a good idea? Laura Kemp asks this question to respected drugs journalist Thijs Roes; a future thinker, system shaker and science lover. Thijs spent years doing drugs research and it led him into a world of drug policy based on scientifically wrong assumptions."If we ...


  4. On Racist Drug Policy and Psychedelic Research

    Drug Policy has been used as a tool of oppression of Black and other Minority People all over the world. Meanwhile, pshychedelic research and MDMA-therapy are fastly becoming more mainstream. Can we enjoy the benefits of drugs-medication while Black and Brown people are still being disproportionateley prosecuted for drug related ...


  5. On Changing the Fast Fashion Economy

    The stats are ridiculous! In the last 15 years, global production of clothes has doubled. Fast fashion is the most pollutive industry after oil. Why don't we stop this immediately? Writer Lauren Bravo and celebrity fashion designer David Laport break down the layers (no pun intended) of this problem, and ...